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French River Musky Andy Pappas Muskie Georgian Bay. Lake Nipissing. Fishing Guide

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Group Event Musky Fishing Guide. French River. Andy Pappas Muskie Georgian Bay. Lake Nipissing.

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The French River area offers a variety of excellent muskie fishing opportunities.

French River Musky Andy Pappas Muskie Georgian Bay. Lake Nipissing. Fishing Guide.

The muskellunge (aka "muskie" or "musky") is the apex predator of North American freshwater. Strikes can be ferocious and battles can be spirited. If you're up to the challenge of the hunt, you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment when landing them!

VFGS guides clients on a wide variety of water-bodies in the French River area of Ontario, Canada. We have "paper routes" of proven spots on some of the most famous muskie waters in Canada, including the French River, Georgian Bay, and Lake Nipissing. And we have quite a few "secret spots" as well! From small tributary creeks to sections of the "inland sea" that is Georgian Bay, some of these locations are easily accessible and others are more remote. All are set in beautiful landscapes of Precambrian Shield dominated by exposed bedrock, wetlands, and forests.

How would YOU define an excellent muskie fishing trip? Are you a beginner after your first muskie, or a seasoned veteran willing to sacrifice potential action with smaller fish to focus on pursuing one of the world-class giants for which the area is famous? Are you trying to learn about the sport, or do you just want to be given as many chances as possible of catching muskies? Do you have a preferred method - perhaps surface lures or fly-fishing? Whatever your motivations, goals, and requirements, VFGS will match opportunities available in the French River area with YOUR specific expectations to deliver the experience YOU want!

Muskie Georgian Bay. French River Musky Andy Pappas Georgian Bay. Lake Nipissing. Fishing Guide

Your Guide

 Main fishing guide Andy Pappas has 30 years of muskie fishing success to his credit and had already boated hundreds of muskies before starting to guide clients in 2007. Andy caught his first muskies on Lake Nipissing and concentrated on Georgian Bay for the first ten years. Then he moved on to try a variety of other waters around the province, from the Niagara River to the Haliburton Highlands, and from the Kawartha Lakes to the Ottawa River. Still, throughout the years he's always favored the French River area - where it's not just the fish, but also the fishing! The beautiful and interesting waters VFGS targets offer a wide variety of options. Countless hours spent on these waterbodies in every season and every possible weather condition allow VFGS to increase the client's odds for success by dialing them in to proven locations and presentations based on experience.