VFGS Muskie videos

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This music video captures the spirit of adventures on the French River and Georgian Bay with muskie fishing guide Andy Pappas.

Another music video - this one illustrating that your VFGS fishing guide is highly committed to getting you to the muskies of the French River area!

VFGS episode with The New Flyfisher TV program.

If you think muskies can be challenging enough on conventional tackle, try being successful with them on fly-fishing tackle! Filmed in just 3 days’ worth of fishing, the informative episode builds to a big fish climax with some of the best muskies-on-the-fly action ever seen on TV!!! 

 VFGS episode with FishTV.

Leo Stakos, Ron James, and Jeff Chisholm enjoy a couple days of walleye and muskie fishing in the beautiful French River area. VFGS shares some local knowledge in terms of seasonal and weather-related considerations to help them get their muskie!